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Oak Crest Attendance Policies & Procedures


State law requires that students attend school. Students who are absent for even one day, or who arrive later than their classmates, miss valuable instruction time and may easily fall behind.

When a student is absent from school, it results in a loss of funding for our district. The State of California does

not reimburse school districts for days students are absent. School districts receive that 'per student' money based on attendance, not enrollment.


We believe that each student is entitled to the maximum instructional time each day and each period.  Students are expected to arrive to classes on time and attend every class.


Tardy: A tardy is any late appearance of a student past the scheduled time of class beginning.

Truancy: A truancy is any unexcused absence that has not been cleared by a parent/guardian within 48 hours of the absence.  Excessive tardiness/truancies are disruptive to learning and disrespectful to everyone in the classroom. 

Teachers take daily attendance and hold students accountable.

Administration will support teachers and hold students accountable for their tardies and truancies.

Parents will support student attendance through timely clearing of absences (48 hours).  For unexcused absences you will receive an automated reminder call and email for every period absence.

The California Education Code defines the following types of absences:

  • Excused Absence:Acceptable reasons verified by a parent are a note, phone call, or email including illness, medical appointments, funerals, religious holidays and court appearances.
    A doctor’s note is required for medical absences. These will be noted in Aeries with an “E” or “I”.
  • Unexcused Absence:Absences for any reason not listed above—including sporting events, vacations, and family emergencies—are considered unexcused absences.  These will be noted in Aeries with an “X”.

There are consequences for students with unexcused absences - these may include detention, parent conference or referral to the student attendance review team. (SART)  The law also states that a student’s refusal to attend regularly can result in a referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB), Juvenile Probation, and the Juvenile Court System.



Attendance Procedures



To excuse an Absence you may email to  list your students first and last name, date of the absence, reason for the absence (medical/personal), and your name.  You may call 760-753-6241

ext. 3303 and leave a message with the above information.



To excuse a tardy you may email or call using the same instructions as above.  Tardies that are excused are appointments and ill.  The students understand the tardy policy if they arrive late they will choose either to pick up trash or a lunch detention.


Off Campus Passes

When we requesting an off campus pass we appreciate a 24 hour notice but understand this is not always possible.  The more notice we have the better as we have to print the pass, deliver the pass, and get the student out to meet you in the attendance office.   Again you may email or call and using the above information please add time to leave campus.  Let us know if your student will be returning to school after the appointment.  Students need to pick up their off campus passes before school, at break, or at lunch before leaving so they may had it to the teacher and leave at the assigned time. 

Students who leave without a pass may be marked truant.


Students who become ill at school

Students who become ill at school must ask their teacher for a pass to the health Office.  The health office will call the parent/guardian if the student thinks they need to go home.  If the parent/guardian is not available they will call the emergency contacts on your contact list.  Parents/Guardians/Emergency Contact will then pick up student at the Health Office.


Email:                Phone: 760.753.6241 ext. 3303