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Contacting Teachers via Phone:
Though some teachers might provide you their extension number, as a rule we do not give them out because the phone rings in the classroom causing disruption to the educational environment. If you would like to leave a voicemail for a teacher, please call 760.753.6241 and we will be happy to transfer you directly to that teacher's voicemail.

Open Lunch Schedule:
Please click here for a detailed list of when teachers provide additional help to students outside of classroom instruction.
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Arellano, Angelica Math website 
Arnold, Joe Special Education website 
Ash, David Science  website 
Balogh, Robert English website 
Bassler, Julie Math website 
Bator, Katie Social Studies/Read 180 website 
Capron, Bonnie Math website 
Chapman, Lynn Art website 
Christensen, Joyce Special Education website 
Dube, Jo Social Studies | Yearbook | Broadcasting | ASB website 
Geaslin, Karen PE website 
Gluhak, Kristin Speech and Language  
Herr, Margie Science website 
Hillenbrand, Alexis English Website 
Hopp, Kevin Math  
Kampen, Kellie Special Education  
Lesan, Susan Math website 
Lomeli, Maya PE website 
Marquardt, Cathy Psychologist  
Maze, Brandon English/Social Studies website 
Mindlin, Jesse Special Education  
Moss, Paul Math website 
Nelson, Linda PE website 
Oliphant, Mirandah ESL website 
Parks, Jackie Math website 
Pavlovich, Tony Social Studies | Cartooning website 
PE Department Physical Education website 
Perrelli, Leah Special Education website 
Reynolds, William Social Studies website 
Richards, Megan English Website 
Robert, Enid Social Studies website 
Rojas, Raul Spanish website 
Saville, Shaun Science website 
Senese, Sharon Science | CESmart website 
Smith, Tim PE website 
Sowers, Renee English | Spanish website 
Stevens, Kathryn English website 
Tickle, Alison English | Drama website 
Walsh, Celia Science website 
Weibel, Mariah English website 
Westermeyer, Geoff Social Studies | Multimedia website 
Williams, Brett Social Studies website 
Williams, Craig Science website 
Yaeger, Julie Band website 
Showing 44 items