Welcome to the Oak Crest Counseling Department! We strive to ensure a safe and supportive environment in which all students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for academic, personal/social and career development.  Our hope is that each student develop a love of learning, contribute positively to their school community and become responsible individuals.
  • Who is my school counselor?
    Mrs. McNeff is the counselor for each student at Oak Crest. The front office is currently under renovation. In the interim, Mrs. McNeff's office is located in the Learning Commons building.
  • A school counselor can help students by...
    Providing support and guidance when you have questions/concerns about your academics, or when you need to talk with a trusted adult about personal things that are going on at school or home.
 A few examples: "What classes should I take?"  "I need help in knowing how to improve my grades," "I'm nervous about talking with my teacher," "My friends and I are arguing and I can't focus in class because of it," "I'm feeling stressed about things going on at home," "I'm worried about my friend, they seem sad"
  • How do I see my school counselor?
    • Drop-in before school, at break, lunch and/or after school
    • If counselor is unavailable, you can fill out "Request to See Counselor" slip
    • Urgent matters: Ms.Miller can assist in finding an adult on campus to help if counselor is unavailable
  • A school counselor can help parents address:
    • Academic achievement concerns
    • Personal/social/behavior concerns
    • Future academic planning 
    A few examples: "My son used to be excited about school but now he just doesn't seem to care," "My daughter seems to be the target of some teasing and bullying at school - can you help?" "I have seen changes in my child's behavior at home and I'm worried," "What level English/math should my child take in middle school?" "What can I do now to best prepare my child for high school?"
  • How to contact counselor:
    • Contact information is below
    • To schedule an appointment contact counseling secretary at 760.753.6241 ext. 3306

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Michelle McNeff
School Counselor
760.753.6241 ext. 3312
Michelle Miller
Registrar/Counseling secretary
760.753.6241 ext. 3306